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Pal Payasam Web Series Watch OnlinePal Payasam web series has been released and is available to watch online all episodes on Yessma. The web series features the intimating tale of a young couple who go off the shores to have a pleasurable experience. They discover new ways of getting themselves satisfied with their physical needs. The Pal Payasam web series has taken quite a different approach to showcase such matters that other series lack. In particular, the actors have gained fame and wide appreciation for their stunning performances. You may expect this web series to be as unique and entertaining as other releases of Yessma web series, including Nancy. Pal Payasam web series cast Kadeeja Shareef in the lead role among others.

The creators of the web series have also focused on other humane aspects, such as romance, fantasy, and drama. Instead of highlighting a single corner of the room, the web series consists of different erotic scenes. You can have a delightful watch of the bold persona and aesthetically shotted love makers.

Paal Payasam web series depicts a twisting yet the interesting tale of a young boy and girl. Being introduced to each other just a day before, they soon find it hard to resist each other. Their interest in playing together takes them on a long sail on the lusty river with no limits. The trailer of the web series promises to give you a worth watch since it has two renowned actors. Here are the details of Pal Payasam web series cast, release date and watch online options with a lot more details. Pal Payasam web series release date is 8 September.

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Pal Payasam Web Series Cast

Kadeeja Shareef

Pal Payasam Web Series Release Date 

Pal Payasam web series release date is 8 September. The web series is streaming online all episodes on the Yessma app. You can watch the complete series on the platform by taking their subscription. Yessma app shares a deep connection with its audience. They make new releases every week and never lose the quality of the story. You can find here all the interesting tales of a whole new different genre that Yessma has to offer.

Directed by Lakshmi Dheeptha, Paalpayasam web series is originally released in Malayalam language. The story begins with a marriage scene where two unknown strangers start falling for each other. however, they never expected to get things done so quickly, having a brief encounter in the garden.

The direction of the web series is indeed a matter of thanks. You can watch online Paalpayasam web series officially on the Yessma app. All you have to do is take their subscription and you’ll get access to all series and short films.

Pal Payasam Web Series Details

  • Title – Pal Payasam/ Paal Payasam
  • Type – Web Series
  • Genre – Romance, Drama, Erotic, Fantasy
  • Language – Malayalam
  • Release Date – 8 September 2022
  • Director – Lakshmi Dheeptha
  • U/A – 18+
  • Country – India
Pal Payasam Web Series Watch Online

Pal Payasam Web Series Watch Online

Yessma is in the highlights after making such a hit release of the Pal Payasam web series. Anyone can access their content by paying a nominal fee in return. They specialize in creating unique and engaging web series that are hard to find anywhere else. Besides, you can watch behind the scenes of the web series, including Pal Payasam on the platform.

This was all about the new Yessma web series. Meanwhile, binge watch the complete Pal Payasam web series on the Yessma app. Furthermore, the platform is going to make its next releases soon, where bold acting and captivating stories are assured.

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