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Vasu Primeplay Web Series Watch Online: Primeplay app has once again landed in the OTT market with the release of the Vasu web series. After getting huge success from their first two releases, Paglet and Charmyog, the platform took a relatively long gap until now. The web series narrates a funny tale similar to the Mastram series. However, it is presented with a unique sense of humor and drama and a lot more fun. Vasu web series cast Rajsi Verma and Ruby Ahmed in the lead role.

Primeplay has released 2 episodes and the 3rd episode is expected to arrive soon. The Vasu web series consists of Hindi language and follows different aspects. Recently, the trailer was launched and received moderate responses from the audience. Here are the details of the Vasu Primeplay web series, story, cast, watch online, and more.

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Vasu Primeplay Web Series Story

The story reveals the interesting tale of a young boy Vasu and his encounters with women. The lead character Vasu is someone who always gets adored. According to the web series trailer, there’s a scene where Vasu runs on the road with no clothes and struggles to cover his private parts using a tire. 

In another scene, Vasu visits the park and starts looking at women during their exercise. He finally meets a woman (Rajsi Verma) and ends up getting so close to her. However, Vasu gets caught by his father who beats him so badly that he eventually gets admitted to the hospital. 

But things did not stop here as Vasu meets another woman during his treatment. He manages to get close to the Nurse (Ruby Ahmed) who later gives him the full dose of pleasure and quenches his thirst. But they also get caught by the doctors.

Vasu Primeplay Web Series Watch Online

Vasu Primeplay Web Series Cast

  • Rajsi Verma
  • Ruby Ahmed
  • Mahi Khan
  • Suman Saini
  • Riddhima Tiwari
  • Vinay Singh 
  • Neha Singh

Vasu Primeplay Web Series Review

Vasu web series is about a student and his fantasies to be intimated by as many women as possible. It is presented as coming-of-age where humor and fun are expected. In several ways, the web series promises to give you such an engaging story that can keep you hooked till its end.

Meanwhile, anyone can watch online Vasu web series full episodes on the Primeplay app. Also, get access to other web series and movies. The platform may soon announce some other releases too.

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